Magic Helicopter Press



Magic Helicopter Press was born in Ashland, Oregon in 2007. Titles we've published have been featured in and received praise from:

The Rumpus
American Book Review
The Poetry Foundation
Best American Poetry
New York Times

• and many more

They've also won awards like the 2013-2013-14 Writers League of Texas Book Awards Discovery Prize.

If you're curious about the kind of work we publish, please buy our books.

If you're curious about the sorts of projects we undertake, please take a look at the list below.

If you're curious about what would happen if you sent us an email, please send an email to

If you're not curious at all, you're probably dead, which is interesting. We would like to hear from you dead folk.

We would like all of you, alive or inconsiderate, to know that Magic Helicopter Press plans to do the following:

Release books
• And e-books & chapbooks
Organize literary tours
Set up online workshops
Offer multimedia poetry: videos and games
Employ gimmickry whenever possible

We are focused on publishing across platforms, mediums and "the universe." Our paper books are collectible art items, not unlike Dale Earnhardt commemorative plates. Our e-books are not paper books melted onto the screen but books aware of their digital space.

We also publish experimental multimedia projects: poetry videos and poetry video games. But we call them all books.

We are literature with feet—for open mics and reading tours—and fingers—for online workshops and collaborative projects. But we call it all live.

We are literature with a passiflora caerulea for a rotor. We land on your head.

Magic Helicopter titles are distributed from this website and via online retailers. We also maintain close relationships with excellent indie bookstores and ventures across the country, such as:

Berl's Brooklyn Poetry Shop in Brooklyn, NY
Book Fort in Chicago, IL and various festivals
Brookline Booksmith in Brookline, MA 
Lithic Bookstore & Gallery in Fruita, CO
Mellow Pages Library in Brooklyn, NY
Normals in Baltimore, MD
So & So Books in Raleigh, NC
Spork Books in Tucson, AZ
The Good Stuff in Santa Fe, NM
Vouched Books in Atlanta, GA & San Francisco, CA

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