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by Ofelia Hunt

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5.5x7.5 | Perfectbound | 264 pg
ISBN: 978-0-9841406-2-6
First printing: May 2011

Today & Tomorrow was the 2011 Alt Lit Gossip Best Debut Novel!

Today & Tomorrow
was a Featured Book for June 2011 at The Lit Pub.


Today is her birthday. Her sisters are Merna and Anastasia, who once told her it was good luck to touch all doorknobs. Her boyfriends are Aaron, whom she just met, and Erik, whose name is actually Todd. Her grandfather worked in a tin can factory. Now he bakes blueberry pies and laughs and says it’s all true. In the Carlsbad Caverns, Bill Murray wields a giant robot, swallowing families. Today is in Wal-Mart, in Denny’s, at the ice rink. Tomorrow there will be blood on the zamboni. Tomorrow there will be a voice that locks the door behind her. Set among haunted parking lots and AM-PMs and home invasions, Today & Tomorrow melts identity, memory, and consciousness into a hypnotic and hilarious adventure of body and mind, the haunting absurdity of what it means to be a person that can make up everything but itself.

Cover art by Justin Brown Durand


OFELIA  HUNT  is the author of My Eventual Bloodless Coup (Bear Parade). She lives in Portland, Oregon. This is her first novel.


"Today & Tomorrow is a disconcerting glimpse into the mind of a severely unhinged character." — Mallory Rice at Nylon

"The book is full of little beautiful exchanges. The sentences are so perfected, so etched out, so crafted out ... This books seems like a revolution." — Noah Cicero at We Who Are About to Die

"If literature is a reflection of a society and its values, then Today & Tomorrow mirrors what we’re all thinking but know better than to say aloud." — Yennie Cheung at The Hipster Book Club

"Today & Tomorrow begins with the narrator’s twentieth birthday, an occasion for excitement and yet laced with fear, focusing on how we attempt to let go of our youth, how we try to embrace our aging, a journey that the book violently pulls us through like an uncontrolled body over coral reefs, a juxtaposition of beauty and limb-scarring." — J.A. Tyler at Monkeybicycle

"Today & Tomorrow by Ofelia Hunt features a heroine who’s by turns beguiling and repugnant. She shoplifts. She’s a compulsive liar. She likes to ice skate. Bracketing the book with a pair of mysterious deaths for which she may or may not be responsible, Hunt’s protagonist is unlikable, unpredictable and a lot like you and me." — Jim Ruland at San Diego Citybeat

"Today & Tomorrow brilliantly captures the scattered mind of its unreliable narrator with its blend of non sequiturs, real and imagined violence, and perfectly crafted sentences." — David Gutowski of Largehearted Boy


"I could spend a very long time mapping the levers and pulleys operating within the book, the moments when you feel suddenly it pulls you. This book pulls you. It has its own world, its own gravity ... " — Mark Thomas Stevenson

"I am sexually attracted to the logic of this book" — Frank Hinton live-tweeting the T&T reading experience at @ofeliahunted


"This book would like to give you an ice cream, but you will have to get in the van." — Amelia Gray, author of Museum of the Weird

"The ironic is a mere ancient whisper in this torqued narrative: its odd violence feels true. Today & Tomorrow crashes through the windows of strip malls and paints the hypertrophic aisles with bristly-creepy hilarity." — Stacey Levine, author of The Girl With Brown Fur

"Ofelia Hunt is the balladeer of the doe-eyed detrivores of over-stimulation. Within Today & Tomorrow, readers find the fried and the frayed nerves in the youth of the Hyperworld. All will be well, America, as long as the rims keep spinning and Hunt keeps writing." — Matthew Simmons, author of A Jello Horse


"Home Invasion" in Alice Blue Review
"You're My Little Anarchist" in NOÖ Journal


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