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by Jason Bredle

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5.5x8.25 | Perfectbound | 76 pg
ISBN: 978-0-9841406-1-9
January 2011


The third full-length collection from Chicago poet Jason Bredle, author of Carnival, Standing In Line For the Beast and Pain Fantasy.

These are hilarious and swooning poems, caramel in sensibility and endless in feeling. A limber and vivid sad clown routine of a collection, reading Smiles of the Unstoppable is like knowing the secret password to an illegal speakeasy of imagination.


"Jason Bredle roams like a cartoon jaguar and swims amid squid and jellyfish that can't be touched and might as well be hamsters and it's as if drifting and roaming need never end. Why doesn't he write a book about Shakespeare, or Afghanistan? The big shadow-clock keeps ticking at the end of the hall." — Mark Halliday, author of Keep This Forever


"Information Kiosk" in Anti-
"Candy Fountain" in NOÖ Journal
Three poems in Lamination Colony


"Smiles of the Unstoppable is a fun, refreshing ride into the mind of a poet who has a lot to say about the world, and does so with mastered techniques of narrative." — C.J. Opperthauser in Newpages

"Many of the poems are unafraid to risk ephemerality through frequent admixtures of humor and cliché. Other poems explore areas of surprise with practiced nuance and aplomb, gracefully skirting the void of meaninglessness that threatens all poetry. Perhaps the most valuable aspect of Bredle’s work is its idiosyncratic spirit which, for those of us who seek such sustenance, will help us live our lives." — Ben Mirov in BOMB

"Garden path sentences are one of my favorite things, and this book is full of them. The effect is unsettling fun, but it also opens the reading up to the vulnerability in the poems." — Adam Robinson at HTMLGIANT

"Add a soft mixture of culture and lit prowess and urban-dictionary slang to this always negating, always changing, always evolving style of poetry, and Bredle has me officially on his side." — J.A. Tyler at Cow Heavy Books

"It is these twists and transfigurations that electric me in this book. It’s a spring mind, a wired brush, buzzing fence of feeling, often with cocktail cherries affixed on each individual barbed wire." — Sean Lovelace at his crazy nacho blog

"If Brecht’s epic theater is about the audience being relaxed, Smiles of the Unstoppable is bobbing for decapitated mouse heads in a shark tank. Have you ever passed out on a train and missed your stop and woke up and said fuck it and took the train to the end of the line? That’s kind of how I feel with these poems." — Luke Bloomfield at H_NGM_N

"Bredle’s work shows how imaginatively impoverished most poets are by comparison ... He shows the imaginative orbit possible in another human interior, the entire elsewheres that are there." — Jason Koo at the Missouri Review


"Jason's poems wear their heart on their sleeve and blend humor and pathos to catalytic effect. My favorites in this collection are "Dark Energy" and "Earth Night" but all the poems have something to offer." —Ben Mirov at The Best American Poetry blog

"Bredle’s voice convinces you that he is alive in what is going on now as opposed to dwindling in some nostalgic past era. He uses humor to emphasize, rather than downplay, his large and small tragedies." — Kimberly Ann Southwick at April Is Poetry Month

"Bredle's poems are like if an anxiety attack and a Grimm fairy tale got together and had a love child inside a supermarket." — Leigh Stein's Best Poetry Books of 2011 at No Tell Motel

"Bredle’s third full-length book proves he’s in a class of his own when it comes to writing gorgeous, tragically comic poems that’ll make you cry so hard you'll laugh. Our failure has never looked so grand, and our hope has never seemed so urgent." — Jeff Simpson at The Fiddleback


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