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by Hossannah Asuncion

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7x8.25 | Perfectbound | 80 pg
ISBN: 978-0-9964143-1-9
First edition: December 2016

Walking Tours

Ted Hawkins Innovative Poetry Series


Did you feel that cold spot in the room? Did you see the cleaning through the window, another grieving ritual?

In a different neighborhood, the shroud says pamilya, pamilya. Gills itch under the patches of fiberglass, and a city comes alive in each “isolated cell of an animated beehive.”

Hossannah Asuncion’s debut collection, Object Permanence, maps between all meanings of address. Tangling the softest hands and truest questions, Asuncion holds open every automatic door, suspends all announcements of departure.


Hossannah Asuncion was raised near the 105 and 710 freeways in L.A. She currently lives near an A/C stop in Brooklyn. Kimiko Hahn selected her manuscript Fragments of Loss for a 2010 Poetry Society of America National Chapbook Fellowship. She is a Kundiman fellow.


Two poems in The Collagist
Four poems in Locuspoint


“Hossannah Asuncion’s Object Permanence uncovers a geography of longing and unfulfilled relationships—a startling contrast to contemporary narratives of an seamlessly interconnected, digitally mediated urban dating web space. Spanning address from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, each of Asuncion’s poems mark both the site of intimacy and its absence, building towards a slower, musing tour of relationships in which instant gratification is an elusive goal and outcome."

Asian American Writers' Workshop

“There are many ghosts that haunt the pages of Hossannah Asuncion’s Object Permanence, which takes us from New York City to Los Angeles. From one lonely city to another, Asuncion does away with the gloss and glamour of these spaces, and instead, conjures spectral subjects that tell a different narrative of such haunted geographies."

Muriel Leung @ Entropy


“In Object Permanence, Hossannah Asuncion is part cartographer, part sorceress. She creates a breathtaking map of alterity, destabilizing and reinventing our perceptions of Brooklyn, our neighborhoods, our intimacies, our solitudes, our homes."

Sally Wen Mao, author of Mad Honey Symposium

“In Object Permanence, Hossannah Asuncion’s brutal cartography insists that we lose the flesh and fears we use to create borders, especially from the deepest psychic dislocations, desires, and voids within ourselves. I’m in awe of how Asuncion writes inside the nuanced marrow of intimacy.”

Rachel Eliza Griffiths, author of Lighting the Shadow

“The poems in Object Permanence took me back to places I thought I didn’t want to return. Streets and nights and bars and beds. To lovers and death and longing. To loneliness and moments where I thought I was losing grasp of life. But somewhere, sometime, in between the first and the final brutally gorgeous piece, I learned to cherish my pain again.”

Chiwan Choi, author of Abductions and The Flood

Object Permanence is what misses us most and least of all you. Hot and violent, Hossannah Asuncion is joy in horror water.”

Cara Benedetto, author of Horror Like No Other

“In Hossannah Asuncion’s Object Permanence, humans are fragmented, hollowed-out creatures, “waiting for the animals to notice us,” surprised when their children invent the mute button, ignored by automatic doors. These eerily captivating poems will fill your brain and body with questions, echoes, and ghosts.”

Matthea Harvey, author of Sad Little Breathing Machine


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