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4 14 2014

Do you have hot ideas? Are you all in? Good, because today is a good day for you. It's the official release day of Lauren Ireland's Dear Lil Wayne! Celebrate with a copy for yourself and a playlist full of your Weezy favorites.

Bawling and ballsy, these are postcard poems that can see Rikers from their fire escape. They want to go down in history as a secret horror. Lil Wayne: they like your new muscles. Everybody else: you know how even leaving a place you hate is sad? These poems report the sugar-flavored blood like almost everyone is lonely, almost no one's amazing, confessing to Weezy that all spirit animals are bullshit and theirs is a giant knife.

Paper calls these poems "more than poetry... They are failed communications of longing." Heavy Feather Review says "Throughout the book, Ireland balances concerns with mortality, sadness, and other philosophical concepts with the celebration of hip-hop slang, poetic language, and irreverent juxtaposition." Get yours today!

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