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11 19 2020

Nate Logan's long-awaited Inside the Golden Days of Missing You is officially out!

quaerere by Jamondria Harris is officially released! Check out the book and the companion LP!

You can get it all on the quaerere page!

Of quaerere, M. NourbeSe Philip says: "In these apocalyptic times it is imperative that we seek, ask and, above all, desire — truth, love, justice. This is poetry to accompany that urgent process."

And here are the other new books forthcoming!

Gladness and Other Stories
Amy Bergen

In Amy Bergen’s debut collection of short stories—a Mae Young Innovative Prose Series winner—the world of smoke and mirror adulting meets the darkness of fairytales. Yetis eat cornflakes, and hippos warn you about the blood on your knees. The world is bigger than families, than love, than faith—and still the music runs away to find the dust.

The End of Cinnamon
Jordaan Mason

In the house at the end of cinnamon, the act of coming together is a temporary one. Sarah pulls the rifles out of the pantry. Laurie brings extra blankets in the winter. Kate believes the city is a difficult place to be good. John believes you build your own house out of the forest wood. Sister kills Brother. Brother grows back and says please call me Sister.

In their follow-up to the celebrated The Skin Team, Jordaan Mason returns with a novel that rewires all the common articles that take us to the deep end of what it means to feel good, to do good, to be enough. To be as soft as one can be without being broken always and still. Still.

These four books are all incredible cloud-namers and world-tilters, and we are so excited to publish each of them. The blue passionflower makes orange fruit, and we can't wait to make the work of these incredible authors land between spines to you.

Do you remember the end? It starts with the refrigerator and goes with a compass. In between is all that's overheard, the familiar walks and express trains. How the city eats the things you put on your body.

We're very excited to publish the first installment of DoubleCross Press editor MC Hyland's most ambitious project yet, an incredible sequence of poems all about—as Hyland says—"despair and friendship and city feelings and the horrors/delights of having a body and what it feels like to live in the ongoing crisis of this anthropocene/capitocene age":

!!! The End Part One !!!

In MC Hyland's prose poems, dense as the yellow line you're supposed to stay behind, the world rushes fast and full. With friends dropping in to respond, Hyland invents a textured noticing that interrupts its jokes with grief and back again.

"Think more about your senses and less about your feelings," the poem says to itself, and it answers back: "Some people have names for the huge and terrible darkness inside them."

Order The End Part One now!

Friendship is one of our favorite things, and that's why we're so excited and proud to publish the best book that has ever happened about friendship in a fucked world:

Now available!
Rex Renée Leonowicz's
~~ When There Is No One
and There Is Everyone

"There is no wish you were here / without you wish," say the friends keeping the sun in each other. Little church of lost accents coming back in unison, bay to river to aubade.

A collage-like mixtape of techniques and influences, When There Is No One and There Is Everyone explores how to story a self to life in an unjust world, where gentrification and intersecting oppressions play themselves out in the intimate geographies of bodies, minds, and cities.

Rex Renée Leonowicz's debut collection of poems and illustrations is a celebration of friendship, freakdom, and what it means when people on the margins come together to rough it out in tough times.

Now available!
Jessica Baer's
 ~~ Holodeck One ~~

Horses and holographs. Identity as orbit. A bricolage of psychocartography, a prism in love, poems for when the aliens finally come but only want to talk to the rocks. Holodeck One is Jessica Baer's debut chapbook, and it's a mysterious new technology. One that deweaponizes the language of self-constriction, one for all the noises that noise leaves out.

Mónica de la Torre says, "The norms limiting the sayable are as pulverized in Baer’s hands as in the poetry of Perlongher, Sarduy, Lezama Lima, Haroldo de Campos ... Witness language acquiring a propulsive force shattering the time and space divide ... Sheer verbal articulations at the limits of desire and expression, “full of trans / verse wavenoise.”"

Get Holodeck One!

Don't forget about our other recent releases:

Hossannah Asuncion's Object Permanence and Ben Hersey's The Autograph of Steve Industry.

Did you feel that cold spot in the room? Did you see the cleaning through the window, another grieving ritual?

In a different neighborhood, the shroud says pamilya, pamilya. Gills itch under the patches of fiberglass, and a city comes alive in each “isolated cell of an animated beehive.”

Hossannah Asuncion’s debut collection of poetry, Object Permanence, maps between all meanings of address. Tangling the softest hands and truest questions, Asuncion holds open every automatic door, suspends all announcements of departure.

Rachel Eliza Griffiths says, “Hossannah Asuncion’s brutal cartography insists that we lose the flesh and fears we use to create borders, especially from the deepest psychic dislocations, desires, and voids within ourselves. I’m in awe of how Asuncion writes inside the nuanced marrow of intimacy.”

And Chiwan Choi says, “The poems in Object Permanence took me back to places I thought I didn’t want to return. Streets and nights and bars and beds. To lovers and death and longing. To loneliness and moments where I thought I was losing grasp of life. But somewhere, sometime, in between the first and the final brutally gorgeous piece, I learned to cherish my pain again.”

Get Object Permanence!

You can hear Steve in the backyard, but you should've seen him on the porch.

Bob Seger-loving, Dunkies-sipping, warding off the backslide. His band is The Steamrollers. His wife is Saundra (for now). His daughter is Nancy, and her favorite word is shampoo or loops or whatever friggin suits her.

Through four seasons and a restless survey, Kelly’s Roast Beef and Salisbury Beach, Steve Industry leaks his heart into his harmonica solo.

Hilarious and tender, Ben Hersey’s debut novel disgorges a powerful new vision of contemporary working class New England.

Rachel B. Glaser says, “The Autograph of Steve Industry is a mind-trip between Dickens and Kid Rock.” And Laird Hunt says, “ The Autograph of Steve Industry is set now, and tells a tale of these tricky times, but there are big, older urgencies at work…’”

Get The Autograph of Steve Industry!

There you have it. See you in the olive grove!

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